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New Book!

New Book by Margaret Ruth!
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New Book by Margaret Ruth!

Announcing Margaret's First Book:

Superconscious Relationships

The Simple Psychic Truths of Perfectly Satisfying Connections

Super Concious Relationships

About the Author

Extraordinarily popular psychic Margaret Ruth has been on regional and national radio and television and teaches personal growth and intuitive classes for the University of Utah in the USA. Margaret's articles have been published in Huffington Post, Astro Girl, Catalyst Magazine, Salt Lake Magazine, and Salt Lake City Weekly. Margaret Ruth represents the next generation of metaphysical teachers and psychics by appealing to the Millennial Generation's need for direct, clear and clutter-free explanations of how metaphysical concepts work in daily life.

As one of the most popular and well known psychics in the state of Utah, USA, she has helped thousands of clients and students, and is a regular on one of the best morning radio shows in the country. She has appeared on national and regional radio programs and television segments such as Good Things Utah, ABC 4 News (ABC KTVX), 2 News This Morning (CBS KUTV), KJZZ This Morning (KJZZ 14) and Good Day Utah, (Fox KSTU).

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Price: $19.95 || £10.99
ISBN: [978-1-84694-458-1]
Publishing on: 29 Oct 2010

Want perfectly satisfying relationships in your life? 1-2-3. Done.

It is that simple to cut through relationship information clutter and realize the universal operating laws of how superconscious relationships form. By understanding the 100-0 Law and setting a goal to experience healthy, joyful and whole relationships, you will only need a few things to make your people connections a powerful engine of personal satisfaction and expansion.

Enjoyable, provocative, witty, compassionate - this sage book debunks the widespread relationship myth-information and identifies new superconscious habits with exercises such as The 100% Accurate Indicator of What is True for You and other book features including case histories, exercises, visualizations, illustrations and insights from acclaimed psychic Margaret Ruth’s decades of successful experience with thousands of radio callers and clients.

Start having more satisfying personal connections today. You simply have to be willing to experience Superconscious Relationships for yourself.

Price: $19.95 || £10.99
ISBN: [978-1-84694-458-1]
Publishing on: 29 Oct 2010
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With humor and love, the inimitable Margaret Ruth comforts, cajoles, and kicks our butt as she lays down the closest thing I've seen to The Truth: that the locus of power lies in each of us, and why let it lie fallow? Read this book with a highlighter. And then read it again and again, until you "get it." It's that good.

Greta DeJong Publisher and Editor of the 28 year old Catalyst Magazine: Healthy Living, Healthy Planet

Great answers, right to the point, and very empowering. Superconscious Relationships is timeless in showing how to get to the bottom-line of healthy, satisfying relationships; yet remains relatable to the Millennial Generation. It shows you how to love yourself, and how to give and receive equally in a relationship by cutting through cultural clutter. By far the best relationship book I've ever read.

Zack Shutt, Author of the Millenial Generation breakthrough novel Blogs of Wrath

Margaret Ruth has an uncanny ability to get to the bottom of relationship problems. But what really sets her apart is her solid, practical, and effective advice about how to solve them.

Christy Karras, Journalist and Author of More than Petticoats: Remarkable Women of Utah

Margaret Ruth's newest book Superconscious Relationships is a valuable read for anybody, regardless of his or her relationship status. Whether you are happily married or desperately looking for your next romantic encounter, the most important point she clearly illustrates is that all of us can always improve the most relationship of all: our relationship with ourselves. In reading through her easy-to-understand chapters, you will inevitably run into a personal epiphany or two about what you can do to be happier and attract healthier relationships in your life.

Yumi Sakugawa Editor of the premier wellbeing website

Real and practical guidelines for successful relationships. Instead of merely offering advice, Margaret Ruth challenges young readers to look at themselves, encouraging us to take responsibility and control over our own internal landscapes. Within the text there are also a number of helpful exercises that improve our abilities to create genuine, superconscious relationships. Whether you're a metaphysical maestro or a self-help skeptic, this book is invaluable.

Erin Rosa, Journalist and past Associate Editor of Campus Progress