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Private Readings with Margaret Ruth

Give Me 30 Minutes of Your Time

And We Will Discover Your Greatest Obstacles and Your Greatest Future Potentials

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Private Tarot Readings

Readings from me always feel like having a conversation with your guides. They know you very well and tend to look at your future, present and the past from a birds-eye-view, lifelong perspective. Because of this, I tend to specialize in complicated people (you know who you are!), those who need a very multidimensional look at their lives in order to get some answers that make sense and feel right.

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Phone and Skype Readings

To make a phone appointment, you can email or phone me to review possible times together. Phone appointments can be made for just about any convenient time - day, weekend, or evening. Make sure you will be undisturbed and comfortable at the time of your phone appointment.

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Enjoy a Couple's Reading

Couples Readings

Couples Readings are extremely fun, enlightening and wonderful to experience. I have the two of you sit together and I put your questions and answers on one tape. There is something extraordinary about doing a reading for two people who love each other; it seems like the energy and the feelings are geometrically enhanced.

Read Your Palm


Palm Readings: In Person and on Skype

Palmistry Readings, which are done in my home or using Skype for American and International clients, are a fascinating way to deepen your self knowlege. Although your palms aren't good at predicting future, they are excellent for getting a sense of current and past effects on your well being. Everybody loves these!

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Gift Certificates for All Occasions

You can purchase gift certificates and give the gift of self-awareness. I can mail, in the USA, or email your certificates to you. Your recipients can also redeem them in-person, via phone or email.

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Call 801-575-7103 in the USA or email for your events, meetings, groups, workshops & parties. I'm great at these.