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The Four Not-Good-for-Anyone Effects of Worry

By Margaret Ruth Many people were taught that to shower the people you love with love, you shower them with worry, -- to show them you care. And I do think that many of us will admit to worrying about our loved ones at one time or another. Then there are those who habitually worry about others, and themselves, as a way of life.

Palmistry Question: What Does It Mean if I Have a Gazillion Lines?

Margaret Ruth answers a Reader’s interesting question about a palm full of lines. Hi Margaret, I have a gazillion lines in my palm. Lots of boxes. Loops. You name it! A complex mix of lines, circles, squares, connections, energies running thru it. Do tell ... what does an extraordinary amount of lines mean??? The first thing I say to someone who has a hand full of lines is “Stop the Anxiety!” Worry and anxiety show up in palms as littler, finer lines than the major lines and these a worry lines can create many grid patterns and cross patterns.