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Superconscious Relationships

Reconnecting after a Painful Breakup; Can It Be Better the Second Time?

An answer to an email question about reconnecting after a painful breakup. -MR

Hi Margaret Ruth

White Lies or Little Lies of Convenience Do Not Really Work

One component of having authentic, satisfying connections with others,  is the willingness to express yourself authentically.

Superconscious Relations excerpt: Thing 2

This is an excerpt from Superconscious Relationships: The Simple Psychic Truths, written by me (If you are in the SLC area, you can also pick it up such as the county library and at Golden Braid Bookstore). In the book, we talk about the three things to do in authentic, rewarding relationships. Here is the beginning of the chapter that discusses Thing 1. - MR

I Avoided Being Tiny Art Director Today (But the Site is Worth Visiting!)

I'm very proud of myself. My pending* book's illustrator and I conducted a phone meeting today and I stayed very positive despite consistent artistic disregard for the detailed 23 page illustration description notebook I sent him in September, indicated by the partial samples finally sent a few weeks ago (*book coming out in October and the publisher is in the proof stage).

I have to work with him because I like his style, having grown up with it, and the price is right: since he's my Dad, he has to do it cause I say so.  

Book Cover!! I Just Got the First Version of the Book's Cover.

Update 1/29

New revised cover from designer. I think it works but some are saying that that courier font needs adjusting.

Starting to feel real now as I just got the first draft of the book's cover (the book comes out in October).  Other than the incorrect title, I think I like it.

What do you think?

There Are Only Three Things Necessary for Fulfilling, Authentic Relationships

Psychic Margaret Ruth answered a reader's question about how to finally experience really great, long lasting relationships.

Margaret: First of all thanks for the great advice! I like reading your blog and your postings here a lot! So I had a question about friendship. I see people with lifelong friends and friends that have been around forever, but I have never experienced that. So I'm wondering: how I can make my relationships with friends more permanent? Thanks - C.C. Salt Lake City, UT