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There Are Only Three Things Necessary for Fulfilling, Authentic Relationships

Psychic Margaret Ruth answered a reader's question about how to finally experience really great, long lasting relationships.

Margaret: First of all thanks for the great advice! I like reading your blog and your postings here a lot! So I had a question about friendship. I see people with lifelong friends and friends that have been around forever, but I have never experienced that. So I'm wondering: how I can make my relationships with friends more permanent? Thanks - C.C. Salt Lake City, UT

Breaking Bad Dating Patterns

Many of the questions I get about romantic and dating relationships is the one where a person keeps finding him or herself repeating a not so happy dating pattern, over and over again. Many people I work with can see they keep dating or falling in love with a variation of the same problem, but they do not know how to stop the pattern. People ask, How do I stop this repetitive, destructive pattern? Often people tried very hard to avoid the problems from the past relationships, but the same issues came up again.

For Valentine’s Day Stop Believing the 4 Worst American Myths about Romantic Relationships (these keep yours from being great)

By Margaret Ruth Experience from my professional psychic practice, spanning thousands of client interviews, and being Radio From Hell’s Love Psychic, live every Friday morning these last seven years, has led me to become quite snippy over the amount of ludicrous relationship mythology that continues to operate in our culture.