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Spring 2014 Classes: Tarot, Intermediate Tarot and Palmistry

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Palmistry for Fun and Insight (LLPOT 911) / Lifelong Learning

An icebreaker at a party. A fun way to interact with family or friends. A tool for personal insight.

Overcoming Fear and Conflict

There were some great questions about how fear and conflict keep people from having a fulfilling, expansive life experience. The quick answer is to say reading Superconscious Relationships and trying some of the exercises can help! We also discuss ther ideas around this important topic.

She Cannot Shake "Stupid Sh*t" - Why Are Other People Putting Her in a Funk?

Hey Margaret Ruth, I was wondering if you have any insight... I am in a real funk lately and having a hard time getting out of it. I am hanging on to stupid sh*t and letting bother me. IE Someone bit my head off on Sunday for something that I was joking about. I know they were just probably having a bad day nothing to do with me. But it is staying with me and I can't shake it. - Sandy

White Lies or Little Lies of Convenience Do Not Really Work

One component of having authentic, satisfying connections with others,  is the willingness to express yourself authentically.

Superconscious Relations excerpt: Thing 2

This is an excerpt from Superconscious Relationships: The Simple Psychic Truths, written by me (If you are in the SLC area, you can also pick it up such as the county library and at Golden Braid Bookstore). In the book, we talk about the three things to do in authentic, rewarding relationships. Here is the beginning of the chapter that discusses Thing 1. - MR

An Exercise for Exploring Your Self at Deeper Levels


I was just reading your blog about self-awareness and communication. Are there some more specific "homework" type things I can do? I need a lot of work. I have been in counseling for awhile and feel stuck. I am hoping to come get a couples reading sometime! I love reading your posts. You have an excellent way of explaining things! Thanks for your info!