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inner peace

Generic Method to Contacting Your Guides

What does it mean to listen to your inner knower, your higher self, your angels? In my professional readings, this is one of the most valuble sources of information that can come forward. I call it talking to your committee. It is the part of yourself that has the bird's eye view of who you are and where your are going.  Jeremy and I talk about a generic method, upon which you can build, to try to do this for yourself.

One Easy Way to Find Your Center

We new age, mystic types are always going on about becoming centered or feeling centered. Anyone who is under the influence of anxiety, fear, and depression will tell us that this is an impossible task – this Feeling Centered business. However, even if you have not attained perfect inner harmony, there is something to be gained from finding out what is going on with you at your core. This is a simple meditation and visualization exercise that can help you start becoming more aware of what is going on inside you.