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healthy relationships

There Are Only Three Things Necessary for Fulfilling, Authentic Relationships

Psychic Margaret Ruth answered a reader's question about how to finally experience really great, long lasting relationships.

Margaret: First of all thanks for the great advice! I like reading your blog and your postings here a lot! So I had a question about friendship. I see people with lifelong friends and friends that have been around forever, but I have never experienced that. So I'm wondering: how I can make my relationships with friends more permanent? Thanks - C.C. Salt Lake City, UT

Good Dating: Staying Healthy and Balanced after a Break-up is Difficult Even for Healthy, Balanced People Part I

Dearest Margaret, My boyfriend and I broke up about 2 months ago because he is moving back to his country, Argentina. I feel that I love him and therefore I need to let him go do what he needs to do in his life. My problem is that there are times when I feel I need him and miss him so much that I lose this balance of surrender; sometimes I am overwhelmed with my emotions and miss him terribly and this causes an ache and sadness in my life. My question is how do I deal with the sadness of his absence in my life?

The Law of Even Energy Exchange

If you begin by sacrificing yourself to those you love, you will end by hating those to whom you have sacrificed yourself -- George Bernard Shaw

How Do You Know You Have Outgrown a Friendship

How do you know when you have outgrown a friendship? I have a friendship that is really hurting me.

Reader's Question: There is Chemistry, and She is Ready, But He Won't Keep His Dates

Hi Margaret Ruth, I feel really confused. I just recently broke up with a long term boyfriend (one that I knew would not be one I was going to keep). Two weekends ago though I was out and I looked over at the bartender and realized I knew him from years ago. We used to work together. So I went over and asked if it was him. Jerik grabbed my hand, held it the whole time, and we talked and caught up for a while. There was instant chemistry and my heart had a tug I haven't felt for a long time.

Four Symptoms of Wonderful Relationships

By Margaret Ruth

This week, I met with a wonderful young man who wanted to talk about falling in love one day. It was a tough subject for him. He was brought up in very typical circumstances and had therefore developed a belief that relationships are difficult, imperfect, full of compromises and require a bit of work to maintain. His past experiences had verified these beliefs and he was very good at criticizing himself over what appeared to be mistakes.