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Spring 2014 Classes: Tarot, Intermediate Tarot and Palmistry

Sign up for Spring 2014 Classes: Palmistry, Intermediate Tarot, and Reading the Tarot

Palmistry for Fun and Insight (LLPOT 911) / Lifelong Learning

An icebreaker at a party. A fun way to interact with family or friends. A tool for personal insight.

Mind Body Spirit Utah - June 20

Mind-Body-Spirit UtahMind Body Spirit Utah

June 20-July 10 Events

By Margaret Ruth

Talking Tarot with Durriken Homewood and More!

Jeremy and Margaret Ruth get a chance to talk Tarot and other interesting topics with Durriken Homewood while at Crone's Hollow. Durriken teaches tarot and is a professional tarot reader.

Autumn Tarot Classes at the University of Utah

The Fall 2011 Tarot classes at the UofU are scheduled. Below are the details. Let me know if you have any questions and I'll post more on the Facebook as it gets closer. Thanks! - MR




How Can I Channel? How Can I Become More Intuitive?

I’ve had inquiries this last six months about being able to connect with your own guidance and/or how to channel. This is a good example of questions people ask about this and my answer.