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Get the Buy One - Get One FREE Special through 1/1/15

Intermediate Tarot and Palmistry Classes Coming Up at the UofU Lifelong Learning


Autumn Term 2014 Classes at UofU 

Lifelong Learning

Click Here for more and to sign up

How to Make a Palmistry Print: Jon Demonstrates for Margaret Ruth's Palmistry Class

From the Palmistry class at the University of Utah Lifelong Learning. Watch Jon demonstrate how to get a detailed ink print of your palm. Angie is assisting.


Mind-Body-Spirit Utah Aug 14 – Aug 25, 2013 Events

Mind-Body-Spirit Utah

Aug 14 – Aug 25, 2013 Events

By Margaret Ruth

 “There cannot be much going on the last half of August,” I told myself. This bit of musing turned out to be ridiculously incorrect; there so many expansive offerings of interest to the Mind-Body-Spirit community over the next few weeks, it won’t be possible to go to them all. So, I am going to narrow down my choices to some that offer a variety of experiences in one neat package.

Autumn Term 2013 Classes at UofU Lifelong Learning

UofU Autumn Classes in Tarot and Psychic Experiential: Ancient and Modern Techniques.

Mind-Body-Spirit Utah July 23 – Aug 11 Events

Mind-Body-Spirit Utah

July 23 – Aug 11 Events

By Margaret Ruth

Happy Pioneer Day to all. After almost 20 years of living in Utah, I continue to forget – each and every single year -- this auspicious holiday exists.  But pushing boundaries and venturing into foreign landscapes of the heart, mind and body continue to be good for the soul in any epoch or locale and so it is worth celebrating. Wagons onward; there is much to explore in the next few weeks.

Palmistry Class! Sign up to learn the ancient art of reading palms

Summer Classes

Palmistry for Fun and Insight 

University of Utah Lifelong Learning

This class is offered every couple of years and is always a lot of fun. The next one starts 7/9.

Spring 2013 Tarot Classes at UofU Lifelong Learning

For the Spring 2013 term, the UofU Lifelong Learning and I are offering Tarot and Intermediate Tarot. Enhance creativity, intuition and have a very good time.

Spring 2013 Classes

Reading the Tarot and Intermediate Tarot


Reading Auras

Exercising your inner and outer vision can be a fun way to work with intuition. In this podcast, we talk about some techniques and ideas to get started!