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Three Psychic Readings Later, She's Still Frustrated. What Next?

Hi Margaret. I'm hoping you can help me.  I have been to three psychics and I'm told the same thing every time.  I'm very frustrated, and stuck.  But there's more to it.  I feel like I gave the others too much information and that could have led them to guide me the wrong way, but if what they say is true then I need even more help.  I have spent a lot of money on finding the truth.  If you know what I'm talking about and can understand by replying, then I will be more than willing to spend more money getting answers and the right guidance to this frustration and blocks I have.  I hope you can help. 

Thank you!  Lisa

Hi Lisa,

You pose an interesting situation and I have several thoughts on it. It seems to me that it can be quite likely to get the same information from any new, additional psychic readings. Basically, psychics are reading your energy. If you have frustrations and blocks, these will come out in a reading and also in your personal life encounters. For instance, if a person has quite a bit of inner conflict, they will experience conflict in their physical life in many ways. It's just one of those metaphysical laws of the individual human physical experience.

As to having everyone read you the same, this is pretty natural. Many psychics are interpreting your energy, as I wrote above, and if you are broadcasting something, it will come through.  If all were reading that energy, then it didn't matter what you said to them. I know that I will have perfectly composed and serene-appearing clients who, once we start the reading, turn out to be having enormous issues with such feelings as anxiety or depression. So, it doesn't usually matter what you overtly express in a reading. Sometimes it does affect the reading, but generally not.

So, my ultimate point is that you cannot be guaranteed a different psychic reading without holding a different personal energy. Does that make sense? This idea can be a difficult concept to wrap our heads around, but it is the simplest way to put it.

One possible next step is searching for personal growth books that help you start getting at your own stuff. In the book I wrote, Superconscious Relationships,, I list quite a few books with a variety of approaches that can be helpful when exploring the topic of personal development. The quintessential metaphysical stance is that finding emotional, spiritual, intellectual and physical ways out of inner conflict lead to a more harmonious inner self, thus a more harmonious and flowing life experience. It sounds sort of amorphous, but it is true and you will see this theme underpinning many well regarded books and spiritual practices.

Some people find themselves in a place where meeting with a professional therapist is the next best step. Therapists usually have a very good practical tool box to offer to people who are trying to become more emotionally healthy. Therapeutic training and experience can expedite the growth process. I recommend this often, especially in situations where psychic readings just aren't helping.  This can be a great investment and gift to give to your Self too. It can sometimes be just the right avenue of exploration. And, after all, this whole human life process is one of discovery and development. It's a pretty enlightened point of view to regard the unfolding of self knowledge as natural and beneficial.

Hope this was a little helpful,


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