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Local Psychic Classes, Readings and Community Involvement for the Salt Lake Region

Hello! I have heard you on the radio and read a bit about you at the U and would love to learn a bit more about the physic, etc community around Salt Lake City.  I can't afford a reading with you unfortunately but have been curious about, well a lot of things, for many years.  My boyfriend and I met in  classes where we did a lot of very intensive energy work for quite a few  years and he really developed a knack for it.  Anyway, I would really like  for both of us to learn more about general energy work from another perspective together.  My perception of all kinds of things has really picked up in the last few years as well and I would especially like to learn how to better handle those things. If you have any suggestions or recommendations for how we can get more involved I would sincerely appreciate it! - Marla

Thanks for writing Marla.

I have several thoughts (some of which could be helpful). I’ve noticed that people have very different proclivities when it comes to this area. Some are interested in reading and working with energy, such as what you mention. Some enjoy working with tools such as cards, runes, I Ching and such things. Some channel or do mediumship work. Some people are good at pendulums and talking boards.

My psychic interests lead me to teach "tools" sort of classes. The UofU will offer my Psychic Experiential class in April which is a bit of a survey class, trying an array of techniques and tools. There will be more on my website this winter and you can also check with as the time gets closer.

For other resources, Crones Hollow, The Golden Braid and The Dancing Cranes are some of the best places in SLC for classes and walk-in psychic readings (cheaper than mine too!). Sacred Geometry was a fabulous resource up in Ogden, but I don't know if it is still as active as it used to be. I might be missing other good places, so if someone is reading this and has good recommendations, email me

Also, make sure to pick up a Catalyst Magazine each month. It contains descriptions of services, products and events that you would find helpful. Go to to see where it is delivered or to read the online version.

Does this help?


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