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Happy, Healthy and Smoke Pot?

Margaret Ruth answers a reader's question. Can one be a happy healthy person even if that person loves to smoke marijuana? Let's say this person feels very happy and healthy, is a productive member of society, doesn't hurt anyone in the process, and is uber responsible and smart about said use? I know that is (probably) a very funny question for you. But I really want to know what you think. Thanks in advance! Yikes – what an interesting question. I personally do not advise smoking marijuana. For one thing, it isn’t legal. So, there’s that good reason to avoid it. Also, I’ve met too many people my age (I am 51) that did “too much” in their youth and I swear they are missing “too many” brain cells at this later stage in life. Brains like mush. That is just my experience though, and not a medical opinion! But, what is “too much” of anything? That seems to be the question here. The only way I can compare it is to think of alcohol. We know that alcohol is not good for us but it is prevalent throughout our culture – excepting my own dear Utah culture, but we all know about that. Some people can drink and not have it affect their life at all. Some people’s drinking affects them negatively in some part of their life. That is when it becomes a problem I believe. I’m pretty sure that medical experts feel that pot is not good for us. However, when thinking about it along the lines of alcohol, I suspect the determination has to be made as to whether it affects this person you write about negatively or not. Perhaps, and I am not a medical or psychological expert, you might want to test to see if there is an addictive element to it. There are many good resources for finding out about addiction. So, let me just put the metaphysical twist to it here. Addictions, if you determine there is this element to it, are a sign that all is not well in our inner landscape. There are still some negative beliefs about the self or some blocks, like self-destructive streaks, that exist. In summary, I, as an individual, don't want that person to do pot because I don’t want anyone to mush up the brain and do something illegal. However, that said, if the person is addiction-free, it is easy to think that he or she could easily be happy and healthy. What do you think?