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Words from Margaret

Intermediate Tarot and Palmistry Classes Coming Up at the UofU Lifelong Learning


Autumn Term 2014 Classes at UofU 

Lifelong Learning

Click Here for more and to sign up

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Summer 2014 Classes at UofU Lifelong Learning

Summer 2014 Classes at

UofU Lifelong Learning


Psychic Experiential: Ancient and Modern Techniques (LLPOT 745) / Lifelong Learning

Enhance creative thinking, expand intuitive ability, and explore paths to increased psychic awareness as you gain exposure to a buf

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$30 Off Valentines Special!

Happy Valentines Day to Everyone

$30 Off Any Reading for Couples and Individuals.

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Spring 2014 Classes: Tarot, Intermediate Tarot and Palmistry

Sign up for Spring 2014 Classes: Palmistry, Intermediate Tarot, and Reading the Tarot

Palmistry for Fun and Insight (LLPOT 911) / Lifelong Learning

An icebreaker at a party. A fun way to interact with family or friends. A tool for personal insight.

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Time for the Holiday Special: Buy-1, Get-1 FREE through Jan 1

Buy One - Get One FREE

Insightful, satisfying Individual and Couple's private sessions are available on a Buy-1 45 or 60 minute reading or gift certificate and  Get-1 FREE again this year (I do this every year). 

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How to Make a Palmistry Print: Jon Demonstrates for Margaret Ruth's Palmistry Class

From the Palmistry class at the University of Utah Lifelong Learning. Watch Jon demonstrate how to get a detailed ink print of your palm. Angie is assisting.


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